Orientera, res och upplev med O-resa!

Travel, run orienteering and explore northern Scandinavia with O-resa!


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Short summary in English

You areinvited to participate in an exciting journey through northern Norway and Sweden! The trip includes 10orienteering competitions, sightseeing, scenic landscapes, and a glance of the Sami culture.

We first visit northern Norway and the spend a week in Norbotten (27.06.2011-10.07.2011). In Norway, we take part in Midnattsolgaloppen (4 races). The swedish competitions in Arvidsjaur, Vittjrv andlvsbynare all parts of Norrbottensveckan.

In Norway acommodation is in a schcool and in Sweden we mostly stay at campsites, but also get two exotic nightshelters (read more below). Transportation is by plane and bus. Meals are mostly self-organized (we have access to kitchens during our stays at campsites).

Schedule of journey

Prices and details

The total price for the trip is 10,810 SEK (or 9900 SEK if you sleep in tents and do not ride the gondola). Price is validuntil 13.05.2011. Prepayment is 2000 SEK. The rest of the price must be paid not later than 30 days before the trip.

It ispossible to take part in just parts of the journey, please e-mail to get a price for you specific demands.

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